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We specialize in the finest ethnobotanical products in the world and we stand behind that fact. We are a highly successful wholesale company in ethnobotany, for 12 years, selling the most known native sacret ethnobotanicals, and a wide variety of other rare exotic "teacher" plants, herbs, cactus, seeds, tinctures and extracts. We try pass on the knowledge about these plants on to new people and cultures before the knowledge is lost. We pride ourselves in doing our part for the environment by selling products free of harmful chemicals or harvested from nature. All of our products are natural,organically grown or wild crafted. We also sell everything you need to grow indigenous plants, herbs, mushrooms and sclerotia.
If you wish to return to the simpler age when man relied solely on natural healing and the knowledge of shaman and medicine men, we can give you the tools to learn and explore the mysteries of nature. Old cultures use these plants in their art, for visions and spiritual growth. We believe that these teacher plants are crucial for the spiritual awareness and evolution of mankind. We have committed our facilities to preserving and promoting our environment and our culture. We specialize in all forms of medicinal plant life for research and distribution.

Our psychoactive products are the best available and can be used for modern ethnobotany. We also stock and distribute Nootropics to aid concentration and enhance learning abilities. These high quality products will open the mind and allow more absorption of information. Your research into the medicinal properties of plant life will not be impaired by harmful additives and chemicals.

We sell only wholesale, to businesses, universities, and laboratories, not to end users. Our products are perfect for online smartshops, local herbal health stores and research institutions. If you are interested in ordering wholesale quantities of any of the products on our site please join our website to review our prices, product combinations, and shipping information. We have a huge wholesale section ordinarily unavailable to the general public. Our products will be rushed to you immediately upon receipt of your order. You will also be able to learn more about our ethnobotanicals and recommended uses for each product. The power and potential of these botanical specimen must be acknowledged and embraced. Rest assured our products are pure and in their most powerful form specifically for your customer's satisfaction.

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